The most important question. Why are we doing this?
We believe that hiring is the most important factor in deciding the success trajectory of a company. Employing the right kind of people is crucial because a company is only as good as its best employee. According to Glassdoor, an average company in the United States spends about $4000 to hire a new employee and takes approximately 52 days to fill a position.

Coming from corporate backgrounds, having over a decade of experience and being involved in more than a 1000+ interviews, we can confidently say that we know recruitment through and through. And if there is one thing we have endured, that every recruiter out there will agree to, it is that hiring takes up time and money. A LOT of it. From screening candidates to scheduling interviews and then to finally conducting the said interviews, it is a long and tiring process.
You might already know that,
  • More than 60% of elimination happens in the first round of interview
  • Candidates form an impression of the company based on their interview experience
  • Interviewers may not have the relevant technical skills to conduct interviews
  • Around 80% of the time is spent scheduling and coordinating interviews
  • Current recruitment solutions are expensive

The challenges mentioned above are what inspired the creation of Lua. Lua, our AI interview assistant, solves the above mentioned problems and is here to simplify the interview process by reducing the resources required, thus, saving your time and money. However, our approach to solving this problem is different.

We believe that:
  • Interviews should be conversational, not one way, so that candidates can have a great interview experience. Lua has 100+ skills and will take conversational interviews which will keep candidates engaged during the interview process.
  • Interviews should be well proctored. We take various measures to monitor candidates during the test.
  • Interviews should include debugging questions. For software developer roles, 80% of the work outside coding is spent on debugging which is often ignored while interviewing candidates.
  • Better reporting with in-depth analysis of candidate's interview helps you in making better hiring decisions faster and easier.
We are looking to partner with people and companies who believe in our vision. Are you ready to join the ride?