Conduct system design interviews with AskLua virtual white boarding!

15 July 2020   .   4 Mins read
A major job requirement for candidates in technical fields is the ability to design systems. And we couldn't agree more with that. Candidates require system design skills for jobs like senior developers, software architects and so on in order to meet the needs of business. Their design skills are core to solve internal problems, boost efficiency and broadcast the opportunities of organization.
As more and more companies adopt the model of remote interviews, their recruitment cycle and structure becomes better. But inculcating whiteboard in an online remote interview - how do you do that? Virtual Whiteboard caters to just that need.
A virtual whiteboard is a whiteboard where you could draw virtually replicating the solid whiteboard with markers. With the help of a software or built-in application a virtual whiteboard can be included in your remote interview process. AskLua CodePair comes with a virtual whiteboard to facilitate system designs interview.

Perks Of Using Virtual Whiteboard during system design interviews!

Normal virtual white board demands free hand drawing with the help of a stylus and digital art tablet is not practically feasible for all candidates. Using a mouse to draw is inconvenient as well.
To improve interview experience during design interviews, we integrated the world best whiteboard tool into our codepair. Virtual white board is easy to use and mimicks the physical whiteboard by giving a hand drawn feel in both design and text!

With AskLua CodePair interviews,

  • The virtual whiteboard is embedded to every interview
  • You can toggle between coding editor and virtual white board
  • Copy of the candidate's whiteboard will be sent to the interviewer in real time so that interviewer can see what candidate is drawing
  • Cursors are labelled on whiteboard to understand who is drawing on the white board
We not only know that remote interviews with virtual whiteboards are better but also we believe your business shouldn't suffer at the hands of expenditure and technological imbalance. The only thing lacking in remote interviews was the ability to conduct system designs interview. It became solvable with the advent of virtual whiteboards.
Whiteboard is just one of many beneficial utilities AskLua offers. Explore much more functionalities here to see how we help your business save money and increase the efficiency.
Conducting system design interviews remotely becomes super easy by using AskLua CodePair virtual white board. Get best out of design interviews using AskLua code pair interviews. Want to see what a top-notch experience looks like ? Sign up for free trial today.(We don't ask credit card information)
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