Code Replay

See how candidate wrote code using code replay feature
A code speaks a lot about the candidate technical skills. A clean code tells of a confident programmer while an errored one shows that the candidate lacked in practice, etc. With a written piece of code, the interviewer can judge the critical thinking of a candidate. Hence, an interviewer can see what approach was taken by the candidate to write the code. Remote interviews make it hard to evaluate these skills and do not leave much opportunity to see the skills of a candidate. Also, it is hard for the interviewer to know if the candidate copied the code.
All this issues during remote interviews can be addressed with AskLua code-replay feature. With code replay, you can see how the candidate wrote the code.
AskLua code replay enables the interviewer to:
  • See the candidate approach to write code
  • Whether or not the candidate copy-pasted the text
  • How much efforts they put into making the code clean
  • What approach they used to make code optimal
  • How many times did they make changes?
All this helps an interviewer better understand the thinking process and how efficient as a programmer candidate it. AskLua CodePair helps you conduct remote interviews without any hassle from anywhere in the world. Today optimal, clean, and efficient codes are the need. We strive to make that assessment easy for you with the help of code-replay. Find out the best candidate suitable for you with the help of AskLua today!
Note: You can go to the candidate interview report and replay his code