Why start-ups should embrace skill assessment platforms like AskLua

23 Feb 2020   .   5 Mins read

What are skill assessment platforms?

In layman’s terms, skill assessment platforms help you assess candidates’ skills. These assessments are tailor-made to match specific job roles. By providing insight into the candidate’s abilities, it helps recruiters make informed choices faster.

Why are skill assessment platforms, a better choice?

  • Eliminate bias

    By evaluating candidates solely on their skills, they overcome the drawbacks of a traditional interview setup which otherwise have a risk of bias.

  • Reduce time-to-hire by 90%

    As you are not required to be physically present during the interview and by auto evaluating candidates’ test performance, it saves valuable engineering time.

  • Cost-effective

    They are more cost-effective compared to other hiring methods as they require less manpower, time and effort.

  • 78% of resumes are misleading

    Criteria Pre-Employment Testing claims that 78% of resumes are misleading, hence skill assessment platforms help you verify the genuineness of the candidates.

Even though using skill assessment platforms seem like a smarter solution, having fewer job openings makes startups hesitant to invest in expensive assessment platforms as they have a very less ROI.

How AskLua perfectly caters to start-ups?

Being a skill assessment platform, AskLua automates initial interview rounds. The interviews are then conducted by our AI assistant Lua.

  • Impressive Candidate Experience

    Our AI assistant Lua can keep the interview engaging and conversational, providing for a great interview experience, which in turn helps start-ups create a good brand image.

  • Pay-per-use Plan

    We offer our customers flexible payment plans, where you only pay-per-use. There are no monthly subscriptions and you can conduct an interview for as little as $3.

  • Extensive Test Library

    Lua’s test library contains a range of Technical skills and Business skills which is beneficial to companies looking to expand their area of expertise.

  • Custom Assessments with 24/7 Support

    We can create custom assessments catered to your needs and are available for support 24/7.

As a start-up, we understand the dedication and effort it requires for a company to grow and this is our way of helping the community we belong to. To get started sign-up here.

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