Why you should start automating interviews?

14 Feb 2020   .   4 Mins read
Let's assume you have a job opening for the role of a web developer. Consider 30 candidates have applied for this role.
How you would normally proceed is,
  • First, you would schedule interviews with candidates.
  • Then, you would conduct a skill-based interview before deciding if they are right for the job.
Sounds good in theory, right?
Imagine doing this over and over again for all 30 candidates. And on top of it, each candidate can have their own daily schedule. You might need to re-schedule interviews keeping that in mind. How many cups of coffee have you gone through to get the work done? Not so easy now, eh?

Did you know that?

  • On average, a recruiter spends 80% of the time scheduling and coordinating interviews and more than 60% of the elimination happens in the first round.
  • According to Glassdoor, an average company in the United States spends about $4000 to hire a new employee.
  • Telephonic and In-person interviews have a risk of being biased.
  • The hiring process takes 4-6 months with an average of 80 hours spent on hiring a single individual.
Mind-Blown? Well, you are not the first. More and more companies are choosing to automate their initial interview rounds through skill assessment platforms, after realizing how it eases the process by,
  • Reducing the man-hours
  • Decreasing the time and money spent
  • Eliminating the bias
  • Removing the need to learn skills corresponding to the role you’re hiring for.

Why choose us?

Having enough experience in the field of recruiting, we too have faced challenges similar to this. Keeping that in mind we have designed a skill assessment platform called AskLua.
AskLua is a skill assessment platform, that lets you Automate your interviews through our AI assistant Lua,
  • Lua can save up to 90% of the time and money you spend, by inviting candidates for interviews on your behalf, letting them take the test at their convenience.
  • Lua can conduct 100+ skill-based assessments, while making the process make the engaging and conversational, subsequently eliminating the risk of bias.
  • With Lua, you can conduct interviews to test candidates on their skills for as less as $3 per interview.
  • Lua provides you a granular scoring report as soon as the interview is completed, helping you make your decision faster.
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