Why proctoring online test is important?

21 Feb 2020   .   4 Mins read
A recent study shows that more than 33% of students admitted to cheating on online tests.
Imagine spending valuable time and money to hire skilled candidates, only for them to use unethical methods such as impersonation or cheating during tests to get hired. This leaves you with candidates unfit for the job. Which is why it is essential to conduct remote proctoring.
At AskLua, one of our main priorities is conducting remote proctoring as it not only helps filter out candidates who cheat but it can save up to 25% of the examination cost.

Impact of not using online proctoring tools?

Often times, non-proctored online tests tend to have a negative impact:
  • Candidates can either ask someone to take the test on their behalf or copy from textbooks, use smartphones or other devices to search for answers online or take help from a friend.
  • Time spent on hiring increases by 2x.
  • Money spend on online assessment platforms is increased by 1.5x

Why is it hard to implement remote proctoring?

It is not an easy task to achieve effective online proctoring.

Case 1: Hardware support issue for audio/video proctoring

Usually, impersonation checks are done through audio/video proctoring. But sometimes hardware support falls through making it difficult to effectively monitor the tests.

Case 2: Coding tests written in editors and copy-pasted

Written tests like coding tests have a high risk of plagiarism as they can be written in editors and copy-pasted. Which makes it hard to have a fool-proof plagiarism check.

Case 3: Proctoring is expensive

The web proctoring solutions, especially video proctoring are expensive and the amount of data consumption is high. The cost usually varies from approximately 6 to 30 dollars per examinee per hour, depending on the company.

How do we proctor?

One of AskLua’s core features is remote proctoring. We conduct AI-based proctoring and it is something we take very seriously. We want to ensure that our platform is not only cheat-proof but only genuine candidates skilled for the job take the test.
We take the following measures to ensure that the tests are monitored effectively.
  • Tracking Tab/browser switch

    This lets you know if the candidate has been opening other tabs/browsers.

  • Prompting Full-screen

    Lua prompts full-screen mode so that candidates cannot switch tabs.

  • Disabling copy-paste

    It ensures that candidates cannot copy texts from other sources.

  • Replay Interview

    Re-playing the interview can help you detect any suspicious behaviour.

  • Audio questions

    Audio answers record the voice of the candidate which helps in preventing impersonation

  • Revisiting questions are not allowed

    It prevents cheating as it’s quite difficult to remember the questions once they answer it.

  • Question Randomization

    Candidates cannot cheat as the question appears in different orders for each candidate.

  • Video proctoring (enterprise clients)

    This solves the problem of impersonation and ensures candidate authentication.

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