How to improve candidate experience with an AI Assistant?

27 Feb 2020   .   5 Mins read

Be it a small startup or an MNC, organizations are always finding ways to improve their candidates’ interview experience. According to Appliqant, on average companies spend $100 per candidate to give them a good interview experience.

Why is a great candidate experience so important?

The two most important reasons why companies care so much about giving their candidates a good interview experience; (i) First Impression (ii) Brand Image.

A good first impression helps instill a positive opinion of the company, it gives a glimpse of work culture and motivates the candidates to want to work for the companies.

According to Circle research, 77% of B2B marketing leaders say that branding is critical to growth. The more the number of candidates that have a good interview experience, the more they tell people about and more good reviews they write, subsequently creating a good brand image.

What is required for a great candidate experience?

Think of it this way, anytime you have ever liked a product or service, the reason always boils down to three simple factors;

  • Meets your needs
  • Doesn’t waste your time
  • It is informative or helpful with your doubts

Well, the same thing applies here as well. All that the candidates require for a good interview experience is that it should be ENGAGING, it shouldn’t take up too much of their TIME and all their QUERIES regarding the job should be answered.

How Lua provides a great candidate experience?

  • Lua represents you

    When candidates interact with Lua during assessments, we are representing you and your company. We mirror the values you represent which makes the candidates get a closer feel of the company, in turn making for a good interview experience.
  • Lua conducts interactive skill-based interviews

    Lua can make the interview process conversational by answering any queries candidates might have about the job, this not only makes the process engaging but it also makes the candidates feel comfortable as if they are interacting with a friend.
  • Lua is available 24/7

    We respect the candidate’s time and hence Lua is available 24/7. Through Lua you can send interview invites to the candidates and they can take the test as per their convenience.

All you need to do to provide your candidates with the best interview experience is to sign up here.

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