Campus Recruitment Casestudy: Tilicho labs

03 MAR 2020   .   4 MINS READ
"Our campus recruitment drives across 5 colleges were made faster, all thanks to automating interviews with AskLua. A 14-hour process of conducting tests and shortlisting candidates was cut short to only 2.5 hours. The detailed granular scoring report after the test, not only reduced our time by 82% but also helped us find skilled candidates fit for the job. We are extremely pleased with the outcome and would like to continue working with them."
- Hemakiran, co-founder, Tilicho labs
About Tilicho Labs
Tilicho Labs is a mobile app technology startup based out of Vizag, India, founded by IT Experts Ex-Ola Cabs, Goldman Sachs, Tilicho have built a wide range of native mobile apps in iOS and Android platform and Web Apps for customers across the globe. Tilicho's strength is to quickly make the ideas to reality and they take pride in having the best in industry team with core expertise in mobile app development with complete backend setup and can build products better and quicker.

How AskLua helped us during campus placement interviews?

1. Reduced screening time by 82%

We saw a significant decrease in our screening time by 82%. From needing 4 people to conduct interviews, it was reduced to zero hence reducing the time from 14 hours to 2.5 hours per college. Furthermore, the granular scoring report generated by an AI scoring engine, as soon as the candidate finished the test made the whole process fast-tracked.

2. Cost reduction by 70%

Normally, when we conduct campus recruitment, we incur a lot of costs from spending on man-power to trying to give the candidates a good interview experience. With AskLua there was a 70% reduction in our costs. Unlike other companies they do not have a fixed subscription plan and let us pay per use.

3. Better candidate intake and improvement in candidate quality

Through AskLua we were able to improve the quality of candidate intake by conducting skill-based assessments completely Bias free. Lua evaluates the candidates only based on their skills and not on other factors like GPA, branch and performance in the class.

4. Customized skill-based Assessments based on our requirements

AskLua helped us customize the skill-based assessment in less than a day according to our needs. Their assessments tested the fundamental skills, coding skills, problem-solving capabilities, and job-specific skills of a candidate. We were able to interview 1200+ candidates across 5 colleges, hassle-free.

AskLua is a skill assessment platform which can help you make campus drives smoother and speed up the initial recruitment process. Why spend a bomb on costly solutions? Fancy saving 70% of your cost on campus hiring which is on par or better quality and great interview experience?
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