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Use Cases

Below are some of the use-cases for which you can use AskLua
remote interviews

Conduct remote interviews

Effortlessly replace your telephonic and on-site interviews. Choose to hire remotely from the comfort of your home or office using code-pair tests.
automated interviews

Automate Initial interviews rounds

Initial shortlisting can filter upto 70% of the candidates. Automate initial interviews with Lua to speed up the shortlisting process and find the right candidates.
campus hiring

Campus hiring

Campus hiring does not require you to go to the campus anymore. Conduct effective remote campus hiring with Lua and save 90% of your time and money on campus placements hiring
applicant tracking system

Applicant Tracking System

Tracking job applicants using our simple built-in ATS. It helps you to track candidate pipeline for each job openings. ATS is completely free and will remain free forever.

Platform features

Spend 2 minutes on your initial interview rounds instead of 2 hours
Code pair image asklua

Conduct remote interviews using AskLua code pair

With Lua's Code-Pair interviews you can conduct one-on-one skill based interviews with candidates. With code-pair interviews you can:
  • Watch the candidate code live.
  • Have an audio or video chat with the candidate during the interview.
  • Pick programming questions from our public library
  • Add your own question during interview
  • Get interviewer feedback and detailed report immediately post interview

Let Lua AI take care of your initial interview rounds

Almost 70% of the candidates are eliminated in the initial interview rounds. With Lua AI you can,
  • Let Lua conduct automated technical assessments on your behalf for initial interview rounds
  • Choose to conduct tests from library with 30+ skills
  • Get detailed report immediately post interview
  • Conduct 100% cheating free tests with web and video proctoring

Say goodbye to boring one-sided interviews

Lua can make interviews interactive and conversational by engaging the candidates and answering their queries regarding the job including job location, work timings, salary etc.
interview report

Get a detailed report based on the candidate's performance

A granular scoring report is generated for each candidate immediately after the interview. Not only is it auto-generated but the report also includes proctoring details of the candidate’s test.
applicant tracking software

Manage your job openings better with our inbuilt ATS

Keep better track of candidates with our simple ATS software. The inbuilt ATS software is user friendly and allows you to:
  • Track all your job openings
  • Manage each candidate's pipeline for every job opening
  • Track interviewer feedback for each candidate
  • Host public careers page
  • Get your team on board. Collaborate with your whole team, up to 25 members.
ATS is completely free and will remain free forever.

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